Journey Through Life Yoga and Wellness offers yoga and mindfulness practices to support your health and well-being as you travel the path through the different phases of your life.  Regardless of where your journey started or where you ultimately end up there will inevitably be times of change and transition in both your life circumstances and physical body. The challenge of coping and dealing with change and transition can often contribute to stress and compromise your physical and emotional health and overall sense of well being.  

Yoga, meditation and breath work are tools that encourage and enhance self care.  They can help us develop an awareness of the relationship between the outer landscape of our physical body and the inner landscape of our thoughts and emotions.  Traditionally thought of as separate entities, there has been much research to suggest that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and habits play an integral role in our physical health and vice-versa.  When we allow the inner and outer landscapes to inform each other this can lead to a greater sense of overall physical and emotional balance.

For individuals living with a medical condition such as cancer, chronic pain syndrome or arthritis, navigating each day can be even more challenging.  These practices are well suited to complement conventional medical treatments to improve physical function and enhance well being *

Our physical function, mood and outlook can improve by moving and engaging our bodies.   In practicing the physical poses of yoga we build strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination.  These, in turn, improve posture and mobility leading to increased vitality and greater physical confidence.

Engaging in breath and meditation practices helps to calm our minds and emotions, allowing us to be in the present moment.  This mindful awareness can build emotional resilience to help manage the stress and anxiety we inevitably encounter in our everyday lives.   When we are calm, things become clearer. We create an environment where the subtle whispers of our inner being - heart and soul - can be heard.

A  journey is simply traveling to one place from another.  When you plan a vacation destination, you likely invest time and energy into research and planning, right down to how efficiently you pack your suitcase.  The truth is, you travel to and from multiple times in your everyday life. Whether to and from the grocery store, across continents, through expected life stage journeys, or those you could never imagine nor would ever choose to traverse, you are well traveled.   

The question is, “How well do you travel?”.

*Yoga and Mindfulness practices offered at Journey Through Life Yoga @ Wellness™ are not intended to nor should they be a replacement for any medical advice, intervention or therapy that has been prescribed by your healthcare provider.  You should inform your provider of your intention to begin a new or change an existing wellness/fitness practice.