About Margo

I discovered the practice of yoga 21 years ago at a local gym in Natick.   I was a stressed parent of two very busy young boys and my life was in perpetual motion.   When I walked into my first yoga class I felt like a long missing puzzle piece was put back into place.  Over time I re-established the connection between my mind and body through movement that had been lost as I evolved into an over scheduled, distracted adult.   I could slow down -- breathe -- move with awareness. I found more balance in my life. After several years of practice I knew I wanted to be an agent of change for others and become a teacher myself.  I completed my 200 hour teacher training at HYP Studio in Needham in May of 2014.

My yoga practice continues to be a constant companion and support.  I rely on it’s grounding qualities when I need to balance and center myself while navigating through times of change.  In 2017 I left my job as a Physician Assistant after 25 years of practice in adult medicine to pursue my dream of bridging my experience as a medical provider with my teaching of yoga.   I have created a space to offer yoga and mindfulness practices for people living with and navigating their changing bodies. I offer each and every one of my students an atmosphere in which they feel cared for and safely supported as they journey through movement, breath and mindfulness practices.

Whether living with cancer, a chronic medical condition, stress and anxiety or the natural changes occurring as we age, you too can experience the sense of well being and ease that yoga and mindfulness practices offer.

I welcome you to share your journey with me.