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Group Yoga Classes

I offer gentle hatha based and restorative classes in a small group setting.  Class size is limited so that I can attend to and accommodate the needs of each student and the group as a whole.  This type of practice is accessible to students who are able to get up and down from the floor and no prior experience is necessary to participate.  Chair and floor based practices to accommodate physical limitations will be offered in the near future.

Each class provides a balance of physical movement, breath awareness and meditation. The gentle, mindful nature of the practices encourages students to slow down, pause and breath. This allows us to notice how our bodies feels as they move through the physical postures, as well as notice the effect of mindful breathing on our thoughts and emotions.   

Gentle Hatha/Flow: This 75 minute class includes both floor based and standing postures with some movement/flow sequences linked to breath. The class is designed to move all parts of the body to build strength, flexibility and balance. There is a short guided meditation toward the end of class to enhance focus and relaxation.

Gentle Flow and Restore: This 75 minute class is mainly a floor-based practice with a few standing flow sequences. The first half of the class engages the body in breath work, gentle stretching and movement. The remainder of the class is a series of postures each held for several minutes with the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks. This allows for a gradual release of physical tension, a letting go of effort and an invitation to “undo”. There is a short guided body scan meditation making this practice relaxing, balancing and restorative for both the body and mind.

Private Instruction

I offer private instruction to accommodate the needs of the individual student.  These focused sessions can be beneficial whether you are a beginner who wishes to learn the basics or you are an experienced practitioner looking to refine your practice.

With 25 years of experience working as a licensed physician assistant and attending disease specific advanced yoga trainings I provide specialized and informed instruction to individuals living with medical conditions such as cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis.  In addition, I can advise otherwise healthy individuals who wish to adapt their yoga practice to accommodate injury or navigate the natural changes occurring as we age.